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Recent Classmate Updates

Since October 2017, we’ve got new updates from Lutz Braum, Neil Price, Kim Mathew, Steven Pinsky, Kacey Carpenter, Chris Malone and Edward OkineCheck ’em out!

Recent Submissions

May 20, 2018 Duncalfe, Lucinda B

Big news–we're moving back to NYC! Starting in mid-July we'll be living in Park Slope. Everything else is up in the air. I have 9th grader and a college sophomore, and we don't know where they'll be going to school. I also don't know exactly what I'll be doing for work. I resigned my post as CEO at Monetate quite some time ago, and plan to finally transition out this summer. I will remain on the Board and intend to do other executive coaching, advisory and board work. And I hope to find a slightly slower pace. To help with that, we also bought a place in Fairplay CO (of South Park fame), in the mountains near Brekenridge Ski Resort. I'd love to reconnect with classmates in the City or the mountains!

May 14, 2018 Carpenter, Kenneth (Kacey)

It's been such a busy year with My Journey with Bernie book tour, an active organizer for 2018 election campaigns, and joining the board of a new startup (Structure Monitoring). Plus, so excited to be heading back to Philly in May for my son's graduation from Haverford College!

May 13, 2018 Hongchoy, George M

Lorrie King and I caught up during her visit to Hong Kong in April. In March, I attended the Wharton Global Forum in Sydney. Peter Doherty was one of the organisers of the very impressive event. Others in the photo are Grant Wilson, Rob Fitzpatrick and David Thevenon, while other WG91 who attended the forum included Linda Jenkinson and Andrew Harrison.